The future of mobility with Hyundai: Exploring EVs and technology

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Buckle up and join us for an exciting session with Hyundai where we will be talking about Hyundai's latest electric vehicles (EVs) and the technology shaping the future of driving.

You'll learn about Hyundai's EV models, advanced battery technology, and smart features like autonomous driving. We'll also discuss the financial benefits, environmental impact, and overall experience of owning a Hyundai EV, from booking a test drive to driving away with one, so make sure you don't miss out on this one. 


Introduction: Why get an EV, their global transition and new Australian fuel efficiency standards in the Government
Hyundai technology: Overview of Hyundai's eco-technology advancements
Hyundai's latest EV selection, understanding battery size and charging
How you can get yourself a Hyundai EV for less by financing your vehicle via a novated lease

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Meet the speakers


Josh Loy

Account Director

Josh's expertise spans across Sales, Partnerships and Account Management. He currently heads the National Relationship  Management Team and is accountable for over 600 of Flare's high-value customers. With a decale of knowledge in salary packaging and novated leasing, he's dedicated to and passionate about empowering every Australian worker financially.

Flare is Australia's leading employee benefits company, offering a range of pre-tax and post-tax benefits.


Scott Nargar

Senior Manager Future Mobility

With a career centred around mobility, Scott has experience in crash testing cars for ANCAP, writing about the latest vehicle technologies, and being a judge for Australia's Best Cars Awards. He is currently the Senior Manager of Future Mobility & Government Relations at Hyundai Motor Company Australia, looking after Hyundai's eco-mobility strategy in the Australian car market. 

Hyundai has been a pioneer in the development of industry-leading automotive technologies.

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